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July 8th 2002

Woodcock Rd, Dartmouth, Ma
USRA 50/50 Benchrest Rimfire Shoot

The New Bedford Rifle Range hosted its first Nationally sanctioned USRA 50/50 Benchrest Rimfire rifle match yesterday. The weather was just about perfect. The huge forest fire in Canada created the most beautiful haze you ever saw! This kept the heat down and there was just about zero mirage out to the fifty-yard target line. Winds were "puffing" around, but nothing that would take away from some fine Rimfire shooting.

The honor of the day goes to Al Hadfield who shot a 250 / 12X in the 10.5 class! This is the second time Al has shot a 250 in his distinguished RF career and I'm thrilled it happened at Woodcock. What a way to start the beginning of many shoots down here in Dartmouth. Following Al was Dave Shattuck with a 248 / 10X and Penny Hadfield with a 244 / 10X

Dave Shattuck shot a 248 / 17X to take the honors in 13.5 class. But not far behind was Penny Hadfield with a 247 / 16X followed by Al Hadfield with a 245 / 7X. Great shooting by all! (Using Bill Langfields gun, I shot a 239 / 8X for fourth place! Look Out!)

The Sporter Class went home with Dave Shattuck also. He shot a 241 / 8X, followed by Penny with a 237 / 3X, Al with 235 / 6X and Bill Langfield with a 234 / 5X

We had a bunch of new folks, (including two gals!) who all appeared to have a real great time. Although some of their guns wouldn't qualify in the sporter class, we let them shoot a "Fun Gun - Bring What Ya Got" shoot during the sporter match. Bob Newman shot a 176 to take the FG honors. Maureen Powers followed up with a 174 (her rifle would qualify in sporter) and George Harrison with a 160, James LaRose with a 138 and Elizabeth Medeiros with a 70 finished out the class. These folks will be back! I overheard them talking about ordering wind flags…..

That's it from here… shoot is August 18th…..Hope to see you there! BTW, if you can't wait till August, Pinnacle Mt in NH will be having a shoot on July 28th. If anyone wants to attend, give me a ring and we can go up together. Check out the USRA web site for lots more info

Roy Bertalotto

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